What is Filipp’s Music Team?

Filipp Logvinenko

Hi, I am Filipp Logvinenko, a lead music producer, sound designer and founder of Filipp’s Music Team.

Let me explain who we are.

Filipp’s Music Team (FMT) are carefully selected, talented team instead of just one individual with a soundboard and a microphone.

Working remotely, our team have been producing music, songs, sound fx, voice over casting, etc., for projects all over the world for seven years.

We have completed more than 100 projects during the last 5 years because we love what we do!

Why team instead of individual?

If you create projects for yourself you can do it alone. If you make projects for wide audience you have to work as a team!

Advantages of working as a team:

Сreative product is always a reflection of the creator.
If the creator is not a part of a wide audience, this product will not be popular.
When you work as a team you have an opportunity to use your colleagues’ opinion. It makes product suitable for wide audience giving it a chance to become popular and successful.
When you are team, you can work fast and not lose quality.
Most of your orders will be done next day after we get your letter.
We provide all steps of production ─ from music composing and sounds fx to voice overs casting and record. Our team supply music of all genres from modern to orchestral. You can always rely on us to create any projects.
We have different specialists in our team that is why we are able to create our own projects. We understand how important to make each project profitable and popular. Therefore working at your project we do our best.
Moreover, we have our own audience and we always share projects which we take part in.
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